Cantona reveals managerial aim | Latest News | Football News from TEAMtalk

Cantona reveals managerial aim | Latest News | Football News from TEAMtalk

Former Manchester United forward Eric Cantona has set his sights on becoming the “greatest manager in the world”

Cantona is currently the coach of France’s beach soccer team but has plans to return to the conventional form of the game in future.

He revealed last month that he would only consider two jobs in management – with Manchester United or the England national side.

Cantona still has ambitions in football and he does not believe there is any point in settling for second best.

“I am very passionate about beach soccer, and my acting career,” the Frenchman told L’Equipe.

“But when I have done everything in those two passions, my next goal will be to become the greatest coach in the world.

“When you do something, it is to become the best, isn’t it?”

Cantona says Sir Alex Ferguson and Johan Cruyff have been the two most influential figures in his career.

“Are Manchester United and Alex Ferguson my key references? Yes, and Cruyff. He was a great player and a great coach, with a game perfectly set.”

Cantona added that he was disappointed with France at Euro 2008 after Raymond Domenech’s side bowed out in the group stages.

“Nowadays and for 15 years, French Football is playing unnaturally,” he said.

“We are a creators’ country, but we are not anymore. To me, French Football is 1984-1986 generation, the European Brazilians, not what I have seen during recent years.”

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