10 Things about… Chilean superstar Carlos Villanueva – Mirror.co.uk

10 Things about… Chilean superstar Carlos Villanueva – Mirror.co.uk

Blackburn are reportedly running their eye over Chilean superstar Carlos Villanueva. Want to know more about him? Well you’re in luck…

1) Carlos Andrés Villanueva Roland (try getting that printed on the back of your shirt…) was born on February 5th, 1986, in Vina del Mar, Chile.

2) Villaneuva roughly translates as ‘New Town’, which makes Carlos the Chilean equivalent of Milton Keynes.

3) A supremely gifted midfield playmaker, he started his career at Chilean club Deportes La Serena, where he was given the nickname Cabeza de Piña – which translates as “head of a pineapple”. No, we don’t know why either.

4) He moved to Santiago-based side Audax Club Sportivo Italiano in 2004 where he quickly established himself as a creative force, making 125 appearances and scoring an impressive 50 goals.

5) Blackburn boss Paul Ince was apparently blown away after watching DVDs of Carlos in action. Frankly, with skills like this, we’re not surprised:

6) He’s not too shabby in training either…

7) His Audaxc career hasn’t been all plain sailing, however. He turned down the chance to be team captain after falling out with the club’s directors, and was actually transferred to Real Sociedad in May. However when it transpired that the Spanish side couldn’t actually afford to buy him, Carlos was forced to return to Chile.

8) He represented Chile in the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship in Holland and broke into the senior side in 2007. Inevitably Carlos scored in his first competitive game, bagging a goal against Ecuador in the 2007 Copa America.

9) A sumptuous free kick, we thought it was worth an entry all of its own:

10) Let’s hope in their rush to sign him, Premier League bosses don’t buy this Carlos Villanueva by mistake. He’s a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.

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