A Million Little Lies – James Frey, the man who conned Oprah Winfrey

A Million Little Lies – from ‘The Smoking Gun’

This is an old story whereby the fantastic website ‘The Smoking Gun’ exposed James Frey as a fraud. Frey has written a graphically-detailed book about his drug & alcohol addictions, purportedly all true. The book was optioned to be made into a movie, and he became a celebrity, but sadly it was far from true – not only has he ‘dramatised’ certain situations but he completely fabricated large sections of the book such as characters, events etc.

Clearly, Oprah’s researchers didn’t quite do their homework, but TSG deserve every credit for the total dissection of the whole myth Frey’s clearly sold his book on. It’s quite a lengthy read – six web pages – but well worth it. Remember this the next time a book is sold as a true story….

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