Robbie Fowler to train with Rovers – why? why not?

I detect a worrying trend – people being too quick to criticise Paul Ince before he’s actually had anything like a chance to prove himself, and in the absence of any facts, or sound criteria.

Okay, the stories about Fowler and Brad may be worrying, but surely the time to worry, flap, moan, cringe and throw hissy fits is when there is actually something concrete happened?

At present, the Fowler situation is a million miles from what you’re all bumping your gums about – he’s joining Rovers for training, that’s all we know. So, from that, I guess if Rovers signed him outright – you’d still moan as much? To me, all the criteria we’re thinking it’s a bad deal would be relevant WHEN they signed him (if at all).

At least Ince is being cute enough to offer him the chance to prove himself – if indeed he is even a remote possibility of signing him. For all we know, we’re making a massive assumption.

I can think of seven reasons at least not to get too het up about this at this stage. Here’s two – Mark Hughes and Brad Friedel – both “what the flip??’ moments when we signed them, Brad in particular. Now we’re apoplectic about a RUMOUR Brad may be leaving.

Hypocrites check just one face at the door please…….


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