Jack Walker’s legacy – the Academy

Jack was a star man, no matter what anyone does these days in terms of money, investment, ownership I’d bet there’s none can match Jack’s sense of goodwill. All he ever wanted was success without anything back, but his biggest legacy was he set the foundations for the club being as well run as it is today – without his money anymore.

One thing he WILL always have over the likes of Thaksin and Abramovich, is that we wont end up like Gretna – take one person out and the house of cards collapses. We also need to acknowledge Dalglish’s long-sightedness towards Brockhall & the youth set up, look how we reaped the benefit with Duff, Dunn, Taylor, Danns, Johnson etc in terms of revenue. An interesting statistic is that in the last 3 seasons, any academy lads that have been released have been found league clubs – apart from 2 – so that shows that Dalglish’s & Jack’s legacy runs deep.

Interesting to see too Sidwell, who captained the Arsenal side that beat us in our last Youth cup final, is still recouping money – approx. 4 million – two moves on. Just goes to show the value of the Academy structure – Rovers allegedly being the ‘template’ the FA based their revamp on – and the sound judgement our board have in overhauling Brockhall over the next few years to bring players through like Boro have done.


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