Whatever happened to the takeover, and/or Sergio Peter?

So what exactly has happened to Sergio Peter, who burst onto the scene last season, after graduating from the Academy – promising left-winger, who’d also done his stint on the right side in the reserves. Okay, he probably wouldn’t dislodge Bentley – who would? – but with Pedersen being woefully short of form, is it not worth trying Sergio?

Also, while we’re delving into stuff, whatever happened to our proposed takeover?

What’s happening with Sergio Peter a few of us are asking ourselves?

He’s had injuries, plus he also got sent off in a reserve game so had bans to face – all resulting in a longer than anticipated lay off.

It can’t exactly motivate Pedersen to improve if his place is under threat – but there hasn’t really been an obvious replacement, in form or fitness wise. He’s still at the Academy though, not on loan or owt, but also think he’s got that inbetweeny thing going on – signed a contract last May, learned to drive, nice Merc, maybe not as motivated – I think the sending off didn’t endear him to Hodges?

Maybe they just don’t think he’s going to cut the Nutella? I blame the cars myself – Peds not been the same since he got his new Ferrari. Get em all in them Indian Tata Nanos I say!!!

What’s happened with the proposed takeover?

I think the takeover wasn’t really a goer from first place, they roped in a an old director to give it a bit a credence. TBH, I’m surprised Rovers went public and didn’t quash the story, but I think it was all led from the Yanky Brit as it stood (whoever suggested it’s all about egos for football club owners?).

From what I know, the Yank wasn’t putting his own money in (they’re never as rich as they think they are if they don’t have names that don’t carry triple Scrabble word scores) – it was purely venture capital he was looking for, and couldn’t find backers.

I’m still hoping we can pull a deal with the Emir of Qatar 🙂 🙂

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