Will Mark Hughes leave Blackburn Rovers to join Newcastle United?

So will Mark Hughes leave the relative security of Blackburn Rovers to join perpetual crisis club Newcastle United?

Will the lure of big money & big crowds (with their self-appointed opinion of themselves as a ‘big club’) be too alluring?

Or is the spectre of St James as a managerial graveyard and the possibility of a meddling owner prove only two reasons not to – never mind managing a (albeit more homely) club with a more regular history of (relative) success?

Hughes has NEVER been one to comment on speculation of any sort-transfers, players etc.

Note how many managers had their least rewarding times there (Dalglish, Robson, Souness etc.).

We can’t keep expecting charity from Newcastle-they took a lame duck manager off us in Souness, they paid us to so do-and then we went for Hughes-triple bonus!

Despite the hypocrisy & naivety of ‘fans’, just because a player/manager considers his options by listening to offers,does not mean he automatically wants to leave, or won’t carry on with the same commitment as before. We often forget the fact that in our daily jobs, if someone offered us a better option we’d expect to consider it-so why not in football?

Hughes is a measured, thoughtful guy, that’s why’s he been great for us-whatever happens, he seems to have a contingency for e.g. losing Lucas Neill.Why would he risk the relative security he has at Ewood to step up to his dream job at Old Trafford,to risk it all by going to Newcastle-more pressure,more internal issues,a potential meddling owner,a media circus & a worse squad?

We WILL never get to know the truth, as there’s so many levels of involvement these days-an agent from Newcastle may have already indirectly sounded out Hughes-just look at the calamity at Anfield with Klinsmann?Look at Redknapp-they can’t decide if they actually offered him the job,or didn’t,due to this ‘commuting’ issue!Supposedly, contact was made with him back in October,so why the debacle of last Friday?

Conspiracy theorists listen in-maybe the Sports Direct link may give them some leverage-they own the club shop,& effectively Ashley sponsored us last season-also has a link to Umbro too-so there may be a commercial issue to consider?

I think Newcastle WILL approach Rovers & Hughes WILL talk to them.However,I feel certain he will thank them for their interest & stay at Rovers,possibly with a revised contract.

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