Criticism of David Bentley – unfounded?

Why is it predominantly Chelsea & other London teams’ fans criticising Bentley?

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Guess they would prefer him to use a more fashionable, manly excuse like sore toes (as used by none other by the brave Chelsea & England captain)? What about ‘hurt himself on the newly laid pitch at Stamford Bridge, again as used by their mighty, brave England left-back? Chelsea suffered a massive injury list last season, are we really that desperate to criticise to analyze or rate how valid or masculine the excuse is (as I’ve just done in reaction LOL)

The key issue here is HONESTY – lame, soft,weak, whatever – the lad’s been honest. Would folks prefer he imagines an injury as other players often do when pull out of internationals, only to play for their club next game?

Good interview with Bentley yesterday (Sat 08 Jun) on TalkSport, he sounded quite emotional, was very honest (again that’s the key issue in all this), and stated this has been going on for two weeks. He spoke with Pearce at begining of this week telling him he intended to drop out, Pearce COULD have replaced him in time, and he (DB) has spoke to McClown and others too.

Bentley also admitted he took a 50-50 gamble on missing this tourno to enable him to play at full capacity and work towards doing his best for Rovers, and then see what happens with England and possibly the greater prize of Euro 2008.

If England, and the rest of the nation, want to ostracise him at the expense of his talent, fine – I for one applaud his decision – Rovers aren’t going to lose out at all !!

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