Bentley pulls out of U21s

Well done to David Bentley for withdrawing from a tournament he requested not to be picked for, no doubt because it’s Rovers he will get a fair bit of needle from media …

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Compare & contrast the relative quiet in the media about Villa & O’Neill childishly claiming some ‘communication problems’ lead to a player (who was on record as requesting to be left out of the squad) ‘missing’ his chance. I just fear this could be Chris Sutton all over again, that guy had the honesty to pull out of a squad rather than wimp out on a supposed injury excuse, and was castigated forever since.

The main issue is here is this – it’s our gain for Bentley not to be in the squad. He couldn’t have done more to get into the senior side, yet he’s been overlooked by McClown in favour of the old boys club (surprise, surprise). Let Beckham have his moment of glory, will be interesting to see if McClown plans on using Bentley for the friendlies Beckham won’t go to.

TBH, I feel the poor lad is in a lose lose situation, he couldn’t earn his place more, yet doesn’t even get a run out. If he pulls out of senior squad, or doesn’t take his chance (which I doubt), he may adversely affect his England chances, but is that REALLY a loss?

The big players aren’t bothered about England, so should we prefer not to have the distraction – look at poor Newcastle & Owen. For that matter, I’d love to see our players for England but really feel they’d be fighting an uphill battle. It’s okay for the big sides to duck out of national sides, put their clubs first, but when Rovers do it they will no doubt be seen as traitors…

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