Pedersen to Spurs?

What to make of Rune Hague’s comment about the ‘big five’ keeping tabs on Pedersen? Does he have a get-out clause?

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Clauses are put in contracts IN AGREEMENT of all parties, it’s a sound way to guarantee a Return on Investment. We made almost 4 mill on Bellers, possibly a similar sum if Gamst goes, and it’s also worth noting two more points …

  1. McCarthy DOESN’T have a release clause, so potentially that could be deemed ‘bad business’ as the club can’t guarantee a preset figure.
  2. Secondly, Hughes has ZERO influence on any contractual terms, bonuses, or amounts payed to/for players.

Clearly, this latest ‘news’ from a convicted fraud BTW (remember John Jensen, George Graham etc) is an attempt to try and engineer a move to Spurs, hence the stupid comment about the ‘big five’. This is why I try not to read any of the tosh in the media, after all you”re commenting on a comment, not facts.

If Gamst stays fine, if he goes – we cash in – that’s business, move on. Every player has a price after all, Rovers won’t lose out on any transfer dealings I’m sure, you just have to see the bigger picture.

See we’re being cheeky with Jeffers, another freebie we’re trying to cash in, selling Kuqi was a no-brainer, as he did have a contract after all, guess we drove him down to sign for Palace. Jeffers is slightly different, although a freebie he’s supposedly on a incentivised contract so I guess it’s a case of brinksmanship to cash him on without pricing him out. Half a million is good business I feel, it’s profit after all.

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