close season rumours

Reality check time – there’s an outbreak of ‘small mindedness’ retro virus around at the moment. Symptoms include naivete, short memories, bitterness, anger, panic, rage, venom, and spitefulness.

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Typically affects fans without sense, and impairs their judgement. Cure – wait and see if the ‘nightmare scenario’ imagined by symptoms prevails, then deal with it at the time, and take with a healthy dose of realism, keeping both feet on the ground.

Case study – Benni McCarthy, all last season was saying similar things about BRFC as he is now about CFC, whilst at Porto. Then, we thought it was great as it apparently showed he wanted a move to us.

Let’s be honest here, he does tend to shout his mouth off, but we’re just as daft if we listen to it? In this day and age, a player talking about his options and future doesn’t necessarily mean he WANTS a move. As fans, as shown by Lucas Neill, we seem to want to corner the market in taking the moral high ground, but if someone offered more money, or a better company come in for us, we would almost always jump.

Doctor Feelgnad’s advice here would be see what happens, were in a win-win situation, if you open your eyes….

  • He stays, great we keep a player who’s helped us to a good season, and could do even more next term.
  • We sell him, we cash up, and Hughes will have a contingency. My allegiance is always with the club, not any player, not any manager. Keep the faith !

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