End of season reflections #2

So what can we hope for next season? Here’s a few things I would like to see….

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  1. Increased crowds to reflect the bold gesture of MASSIVE season ticket reductions.
  2. Having a fit squad from day one, and challenging for Champs League position right away (rather than hit form in December!)
  3. Keeping the squad strong, mild tinkering & for Nonda to settle & show his old talent that made him one of the best strikers in France, arguably Europe.
  4. Keeping the top players & on top form, we now have several players other teasm would covet (Bentley, Nelsen, McCarthy, Pedersen etc.)
  5. Bring a top quality striker such as Bellers or Ashton, I think it’s the one place we need quality rather than quantity. Continue superb development of youth, such as Derbyshire, possibly aided by more young players in for the early cup games, squad or poss sub.
  6. Hoping Roy Keane continues do well, as feel he would be most United fan’s first choice rather than Hughes when Fergie eventually packs up.
  7. Justice is served & West Ham get sent to play in Burkina Faso conference.
  8. Another continued Euro ‘cultural adventure’.
  9. Win the league Cup in Feb, early Euro place?
  10. Secure genuine, long-term investment, but not some Balkan Del Boy.~~~ Think that will do for starters….

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