End of season reflections #1

What on earth to do over the close season with no moaning to do? Some football fans are a self-fulfilling prophecy; if they didn’t believe some of the utter tripe, agent-led ‘exclusives’, biased reporting etc. then the journos would stop writing them.

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We all like to moan, Rovers fans more than most, but would be nice to see more positives around than gripes. Half the criticism on message boards is at best untruthful, at worst spurious or even malicious.

So, let’s look at the positives of this last season…..

A fantastic Euro run, considering we had one ambivalent win in Europe to date, we lasted far longer than we could have expected, to go out on away goals. Saw some great Euro destinations too!

Great FA Cup run – couldn’t hold a match to Chelsea in them two matches start of season, yet pushed them further than most would have done, to lose on a lucky rebound.

10th in the league, when we have lost some MAJOR influential players.

Losing Neill, but bringing TWO quality players that look cast iron names on teamsheet.

A genuine top class striker, with a phenomenonal scoring record in first season.

Return of Dunny, great talent, will come good with a pre-season and settling his head.

Continued improvement in Bentley (finally getting dubious honour of England call-up!) , and over players.

Youngsters coming back off loan – like Treacy, Taylor etc to step up……

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