DB’s England call-up (David Bentley & Beckham)

Well, David Bentley has finally achieved the dubious honour of a full England squad call-up, and not before it’s time. Shame that it’s glossed over with the other DB getting his comeback plea from McClown – shows how desperate England are, and how much of a slimeball the manager his. So much for being ‘his own man’, and also smacks of desperation. TBH, I feel Bentley should have been called up on his own merits, not as an also-ran – let’s look back at a few salient facts ……

He’s our player of season, and has improved massively – even the pundits have commented on his quality this season and his proximity to a call-up. That in itself speaks volumes, we all know Rovers seemingly have to work doubly hard to get any sort of positive media attention.

England have been crying out for a quality wide right player, particularly one that can cross – hald the reason Beckham made that place his own was the quality of his passing, shame the rest of his game wasn’t up to scratch!

Lennon apart, there isn’t anyone who plays regularly for his club side that can actually take on, beat and go past players. Downing has had an erratic season and certainly is in the side from past merits with the manager. That said he scored two goals in the B game last night 😉

Bentley also gives you options across the park, with his quality and tenacity on the ball, and reading of the game are consistently high. If anything, he is far from the typical gutsy box-to-box defensive-minded midfielder a la Hargreaves, Barton, Carrick etc. If all things were equal, the only players on form with a better shout in centre midfield are Gerrard & Carrick, possibly Hargreaves if fit.

So what can our DB hope for? Probably being sub to Beckham in a friendy against Brazil, but it’s still progress, McClaren has been cute really, if Beckham plays well the press will hail him, if he doesn’t he can call on Bentley. However, if he was ultra confident Beckham would pull him out of the brown ploppy stuff, he could arguably have not picked Bentley anyways. Then again, if he was really his own man and not some dithering PR-disaster idiot, he could always have called Bentley up and left out Beckham, but he could not reasonably (without justifiying the Big Club/Player favouritism we all fear) have denied Bentley his place.

Let’s just hope it’s not just another PR-friendly, press-appeasing move for all parties …….

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