Rovers 1 – Aston Villa 2

“Under conditions of peace the warlike man attacks himself” – with a nod to our old mate, Nietzsche, this quote should be changed to ‘under crud results fickle fans attack anything’ …………….

Last 3 results gave us exactly what we deserved, nowt.

Ms Tugay – you’ve either the memory of a goldfish, a short span of being a Rovers fan, roving eyes, or you’re exaggerating for dramatic effect. Rovers were bad on Sat, totally lacking spark and every player was poor, but certainly not the worst for a while.

Sometimes you can only judge how good a player is when he’s not playing, but sadly we do so miss Savage & Reid, if only for their energy & dynamism. Teams like Villa and West Ham are beating us at our game, and we look flat-footed and tired. Maybe it’s a cunning plan to put off the Chelsea Scouts, as conversely all the negative media is designed to unsettle us (Hughes, McCarthy etc).

We’d sold 17,000 tickets as of last week, and given that all the ‘cheapies’ have gone, I’m not hopeful Rovers will sell many more. Can you believe there are clumps of ‘fans’ already saying “I’m saving it for the final”? To me, that translates as “I’m really a tight miserable get who’s hoping they don’t get through so I can spend more in t’pub”.

Chris Tatts, if you’re up for a roasting don’t tell the Newcastle squad! Tend to agree with most your opinions of players except Sav (hate the character, don’t rate his skills, but we miss his drive & energy). Looking forward to seeing both him & Dunny fit to see if they rekindle their close relationship they had couple of seasons ago (inseperable on pitch, tunnel and players bar).

My biggest let-down this season is Dunny, wasn’t expecting that much but it will take time ref fitness, but he don’t seem have appetite for game and is shirking challenges (ref easy header in last mins of West Ham game he bottled). SEE Y’ALL SUNDAY !


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