A controversial operation which gave American model Maxi Mounds the world’s largest breasts has been banned over safety fears.

Mounds, a stripper and porn actress (who would have guessed?) is famous for her 61MMM size breasts, which were recognised in 2005 by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest artificial globes on the globe.

However, the massive boobies are the result of a dangerous, and disgusting-sounding proceedure known as polypropylene string breast implants, where the aim is to continuously irritate the breast tissue so it fills with naturally-produced goo.

According to The Sun, the operation has been banned in America and the European Union because of fears over safety. It’s not clear if the operation has been banned recently, or if this story has just erupted based on a few quotes Mounds gave to some newspapers.

But who cares about journalistic integrity when it comes to breasts that size? We know they’re not sexy, but yet we can’t look away. It’s like an eclipse.